#4 Perfect Bit – Horse Bit


2 1/4″ purchase with 6 1/2″ shank.

A Horse Bit That Truly Is Perfect

Everyone is looking for a horse bit that will solve a particular problem.  You find one bit that solves this problem but creates another problem.

The perfect bit is the only horse bit that doesn’t create problems but solves them.

The perfect bit has a unique and patented design that allows you to give a clear signal to your horse without causing the horse pain and discomfort.  This is achieved with our patented ball joint that allows the bit to have independent movement on either side.

This means that if you pull the rein on the left side, only the left side of the bit moves and vice versa.  This keeps the bit from rotating in the mouth and applying pressure to the tongue and the roof of the mouth causing the horse discomfort.

This ball joint design is what makes this bit perfect.  We have various shank lengths that will help you horse perform even better with the ball joint.


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