Barrel Racing Bit

Barrel Racing Bit

Are You Looking For The Perfect Barrel Racing Bit?

If you are a barrel racer, then you want your horse to perform at its absolute best.  That means your horse needs to be able to get the clearest signals possible in order to have the best performance possible.  This puts you in search of the best bit for barrel racing.

Here is the truth about barrel racing bits.  There is really not a specific bit for barrel racing.  Some may like one type of bit over another, but they pretty much all do the same thing.

What Most Horse Bits Do

You can go online or to a tack store and you will see literally thousands of bits.  You can even do a search for barrel racing bits and get websites that claim to have specific barrel racing bits.  The fact is, it is really a tactic to sell you a bit.

You see, most bits do basically the same thing.  They apply pressure to the tongue and the roof of the horses mouth and cause the horse some discomfort.  You will notice this when you begin to stop your horse.

What happens?  When you pull back on the reins, the horse throws its mouth open.  That is because the bit rotates in the mouth of the horse and pushes up on the roof of the mouth causing the horse pain.  This is not to mention that the signals the horse is getting are mixed and unclear.

Why Is The Perfect Bit Horse Bit Great For Barrel Racers

The Perfect Bit is really a breakthrough in bit technology.  We have completely reinvented the way the bit works and the ability to give the horse clear signals.  Here is a great video that shows how the bit works differently here.

Our bit has a patented ball joint that allows each side of the bit to move independently of the other side.  Simply put, if you pull on the right side of the bit, it doesn’t pull on the left side.  You can see this in the video mentioned above.

barrel racing horse bit
Notice The Ball Joint In The Image

This ball joint technology keeps the bit from rotating upward in the horses mouth and causing it pain or discomfort.  This horse also gets a clear signal as to what you are wanting them to do.

When it comes to getting the best performance out of your horse, then the perfect bit will help you do that.  Each bit has the ball joint and comes with your choice of mouthpiece and length of shank.

Because each horse is different and responds differently depending on the rider and the environment, you may need a longer or shorter shank.

The Clearer The Signal, The Better Your Barrel Horse Will Respond

Your bit is about communication.  It allows you to communicate effectively with your horse.  When the horse is receiving the correct signals, you can then expect your horse to perform better.

If you have questions about the perfect bit, then check out our FAQ page here.  

You can always email us to get more information as well.

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