The Perfect Bit … A Fundamental Breakthrough In Horse Bit Technology

Imagine Getting More Out Of Your Horse Than Ever Before


The Perfect Bit is changing the way you communicate with your horse. The innovative addition of a patented ball-joint connection of the shank to the mouthpiece allows independent rotational cheek movement enabling the rider to send the desired message to his horse without the usual distractions (and often pain) that accompany most other set-ups. The Perfect Bit is being used by professionals and novices alike in many different riding disciplines.

The Perfect Bit is the result of many years of experimentation with numerous bits as Darren Stoner widened his search for a mouthpiece that allowed him to combine control with horse comfort. The Perfect Bit design allows the horse to respond to the specific messages being sent by the rider’s hands rather than the confusion that can accompany a mouthpiece that is constantly moving with every slight touch of the reins. Darren was discussing the ongoing challenge of finding a more complete bit when the idea for The Perfect Bit was born.

Darren Stoner says, “I have experimented with every type of bit known on my search for the Perfect Bit. I found many bits that accomplished a specific goal in a part of a horses’s development but could never find a bit which could be used in a more multi-dimensional manner with out any negatives.

Horse Bits ... What's The Difference?

The Snaffle – The O-Ring or D-Ring snaffle is known for aiding flexibility.  While the reins and the headstall rotate, the mouthpiece stays stationary so not to disturb the horse’s mouth.  They also allow lateral pressure for flexibility, but the snaffle lacks stopping ability – making it incomplete.

The Hackamore – Best known for stopping.  The hackamore applies chin and nose pressure only, which eliminates disturbance in the mouth of the horse, but forfeits needed flexibility – making it incomplete.

The Ported Bit – Intended to control the headset.  Applies tongue and roof of the mouth pressure to achieve flex at the poll.  However, this bit does not increase stopping ability (contrary to popular thought)  – making it incomplete.

The Chain Bit -Yesterday’s best attempt at a multipurpose bit.  This bit causes no disturbance in the roof of the mouth and allows some independent cheek movement.  Unfortunately, the chain lacks body in the mouthpiece creating constant tongue pressure, making a full release of tongue and chin pressure impossible.

Today’s Solution To All These Problems – The Perfect Bit

The Perfect Bit -This bit combines all of the positive attributes of other popular bits and improves them.  The unique design allows for flexibility, stopping, flex at the poll and full pressure release – making it the Perfect Bit.

What Are The Problems The Perfect Bit Can Solve?

  • Problems scoring
  • Nervousness
  • Head Tossing
  • Gapping of the mouth
  • Stiffening of the poll
  • Facing problems
  • Ducking
  • Running through the bit
  • Dropping the shoulder


The Perfect Bit ... The Perfect Solution

Darren says, “I can train a horse in the Perfect Bit and achieve a high level of performance due to the quality and clarity of the signals that I can send with this bit.  I can then return these horses to a whole range of riders, from experienced pros to the novice, and they can preserve most of the response from their horse that I have invested so much time to create.  The Perfect Bit Inc. has invested an incredible amount of time in fine tuning this idea from the design, manufacturing, operation and end use.  Darren uses the Perfect Bit on all of his horses and continues to be amazed at its versatility.  This bit eliminates the need many professional horsemen have of graduating from one bit to another.

Darren has dedicated much of his time to placing this bit in the hands of various professional horsemen and has listened closely to their feedback.  The response from many of the most respected trainers in the country indicates that the Perfect Bit has the potential to revolutionize the horse industry by making collections of ineffective bits unnecessary.  Darren says, “As we all know, it is very important for any horseman to understand the intended effect of the bit chosen for their particular horse and discipline.

Part of the magic of the Perfect Bit is that the design is simple and the intended effect is very clear.  This makes it easy for all levels of riders to use the bit properly while enabling the most experienced professionals to attain the highest levels of response from their performance horse.  The Perfect Bit is being successfully used on roping, reining, cutting, polo, western pleasure, dressage and barrel horses.  We have yet to find a riding discipline that cannot benefit fro the use of the Perfect Bit.

PRCA professional cowboys, like David Key, an elite level team roper competing at the highest level of professional rodeo, find the Perfect Bit works effectively for various score lengths and arena conditions.  David Key says, “Whether I am looking for collection, rate or change of direction, the Perfect Bit allows me to send clear signals to my horse and receive and immediate response.  In my business every hundredth of a second counts.  you will find me riding the Perfect Bit when I need maximum performance from my horses.”

World record holder, PRCA professional heeler Jory Levy says, “My horses are calmer, score more effectively, make improved corners and stop more smoothly than ever before.  The Perfect Bit has replaced all other bits in my tack room.”

The Perfect Bit is now offered to the riding public and is available with a variety of shank lengths and mouthpieces.  There is a Perfect Bit for every rider.

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